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  • What’s up with “Euro IV” standard diesel?

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    Cummins, as the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer, has been leading the diesel industry with advanced technology. Nearly 20 years’ technology research and application practice of emission control, Cummins power products not only has excellent dynamic performance, also has a leading emission level. As early as in 2005, the first batch of Cummins euro IV engine had been delivered to Chinese customers. Recently, as country issued the relevant documents, announced on January 1, 2015 formally implemented the IV emission standards. Domestic diesel engine will also “drink” higher quality diesel, exhaust emission quality will also be further improved. What’s up with “Euro IV” standard diesel? Please follow our editor to read the diagram of “Euro IV” standard diesel. Automotive diesel engine entering the age of “Euro IV” On April 14, 2014, the ministry of industry policy department issued the law of “the People’s Republic of China ministry of industry and information technology number 27 announcement”, announced on December 31, 2014 to abolish the applies to the third stage of vehicle emission standards (hereinafter referred to as Euro III) diesel product announcements, and the Euro III diesel products can’t be sold start from January 1, 2015. The implementation of automotive “Euro IV” standard diesel, originally scheduled for 2011, finally ushered in the full implementation deadline.






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