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    DCEC is a pioneer and leader in the remanufacturing field. DCEC remanufacturing business started in the fifties of the last century, DCEC has become one of the world’s largest remanufacturing production enterprises after decades of operation.

    CM has their remanufacturing production and sales network all over the world, nearly ten remanufacturing factories in China, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, India, Britain and Australia and other countries, to produce products by more than 500 distributors and more than 5000 dealer sales throughout the world, enjoying the engine service industry’s leading warranty claim.

    Remanufactured Engine

    DCEC provide a full range of recondition (RECON®) engine, meanwhile also provide long cylinder and short cylinder.

    The benefits from Remanufactured engine

    l.  Excellent reliability and durability of RECON® engine ensure shorter downtime, is the best choice for overhaul.

    2.  When buying RECON® engine, the worn DCEC engine valuable parts can be recycled. Compared with the repair engines, RECON® engine has higher cost performance.

    3. DCECused parts recycling policy based on visual inspection, you can immediately understand the value of the used parts, no need to worry about the refund

    4.  RECON® engine has more excellent performance and durability, and higher fuel economy.

    5. RECON® engine quality is reliable, with global warranty.

    Please consider RECON® engine in the following cases

    l.  When engine needs complete disintegration

    2. When need to minimize the revenue losses

    3. When there are higher repair needs than the local service quality

    4. When has Cylinder overhaul/need to be replaced

    5. By upgrading to obtain quick return, especially in the aspect of saving fuel

    6. When standardization implementation auto engine, simplify the purchase and maintenance

    7. When product sales price is more important

    8. When needs a global warranty

    RECON® engine, long and short cylinder block and engine block products


    Automotive engine

    l  ISM / ‘96M11 CELECT Plus / M11 Bus / ‘91L10 STCPTG / L10 OAC Internal Shock Absorber / L10 Bus – OAC / ‘98M11 CELECT Plus / ’94 M11 CELECT / ‘91L10 CELECT / L10 OAC External Shock Absorber / L10- OAC- Automatic

    Construction Engine

    ‘96M11 STC / L10 OAC  Long cylinder block/short cylinder block/ Engine block

    Medium horse-power engine

    Automotive engine

    4BT/4BTA/4BTAA, ISB, ISC, 6CT/6CTA/6CTAA Bus/Truck, 6BT/6BTA/6BTAA, 6CT/6CTA/6CTAA , 6BT/ 6BTA/ 6BTAA Bus/Truck

    Construction Engine



    4B/4BT, 6B/6BT, 6CTA

    Maine engine

    4B, 6B/6BT/6BTA, 6CTA   Long cylinder block, short cylinder block, engine block

    The remanufacturing for RECON® engine

    DCEC is the only authorized remanufacturers of DCEC RECON ® engine.

    In the course of remanufacturing, the returned used parts are disassembled completely, and classified by their part numbers. What is more, every single part is cleaned thoroughly under the most advanced technology, which can sweep out the fragments and maintain the integrity of the parts.

    Metal Parts: A great numbers of remanufacturers are still using the outdated abrasive cleaning system, which may corrode the metal parts. However, in DCEC, every single part has to be checked by the precision equipment, and only the fully qualified parts can be used in remanufacturing.

    Non-metallic parts: (such as rubber products and textile-included parts) and the attrite parts will be replaced by the new former-factory parts. Every RECON® engine is remade of the new cylinder components. And lots of RECON® engines are remanufactured by the new parts or produced in the new engine assembly plants.

    Remanufacturing process

    l. Every single part will be completely disassembled, cleaned, and checked.

    2. After being remanufactured and tested, every engine will be reach the original factory technical specifications and standards of DCEC.

    3. The attrite parts and outdated parts will be replaced by the newest former-factory parts and RECON® parts.

    The warranty for RECON® engine

    DCEC  RECON® enjoy global authorized warranty support from DCEC engine service. DCEC warranty system including parts, artificial and progressive damage, also including fault maintenance project of the warranty scope.

    The warranty

    l. Heavy automotive engine (ISX & ISM):

    • 12 months/100,000 miles (160,935km)

    2. Medium automotive engine

    • 6C/ISC 226hp – 24 months/100,000 miles(1160,935km)
    • 6C below 226hp – 24 months/without miles limitation (mile or km)
    • 6B – 24 months/100,000 miles(160,935km)
    • 4B – 24 months/50,000 miles (80,468km)

    3. Construction & Marine engine

    • 24months/2000hrs

    Note: * For industrial applications, if the engine running time is more than 2000 hours in the first year, the warranty can be extended to the end of the first year.

    **Marine engine application of travel is limited to 6 hours.


    Online QuickServe is a very convenient and practical tool to help you choose the appropriate RECON® engine. They include engine structure data: details for the parts used for RECON® engine, special configuration, and the used and new parts used to RECON ® engine RECON ®, etc.

    The instruction for long cylinder block remanufacturing

    If the engine cylinder damaged but the other parts still can be used, DCEC provide you with two options: long and short cylinder block.

    Short running miles engine, the engine block damaged but no oil pollution and the cylinder head cannot be used again, then we recommend a long cylinder block.

    Or if the engine running mileage has been very long, recently replaced parts, for the sake of cost efficiency, we recommend a long cylinder.

    If the customer wants to boost power or upgrade technology, they should replace DCEC RECON® engine.

    Long cylinder block including all major castings listed as below.

    RECON® long cylinder block

    When engine external parts can be recycled but need to replace the main casting, we recommend the long cylinder block.

    Long cylinder block including:

    -Engine block    -Water pump    -Drive gear (not including fuel pump drive gear)

    -Crankshaft      -Oil cooler      -Fuel injector (only for heavy engine)

    -Main bearing    -Tappet        -Cylinder liner (C serial and bigger model)

    -Piston         -ejector sleeve    -Rocker arm assembly

    -Oil pan (only for C serial engine) and suction pipe

    -Oil pump             -Connecting rod and connecting rod bearing

    -Cylinder head          -Valve chamber cover   -Rear crankshaft head and seal

    -The gear housing and cover with seal     -Camshaft

    -Intercooler assembly (not including all models)

    Long cylinder block doesn’t including:

    -Fuel pump                  -The turbocharger and turbo emissions equipment

    -Fuel pipe                    -Fuel transfer pump

    -Vacuum pump                -Air compressor

    -Fluorine leone compressor           -Auxiliary drive system

    -Starter motor and battery charger     -Flywheel and flywheel housing

    -Medium-sized engine fuel injector     – ECM using on the heavy duty engine


    Remanufacturing process :

    • Piston, bearings, gaskets, ring, bushing, seal, and fasteners are replaced by new parts
    • Engine cylinder block inspected with magnetic particle to confirm whether there is crack. Maximum 2 large size for engine bore.
    • Including a new lower pressure cylinder body with liner bushing (only NT) and waterway
    • The crankshaft and camshaft are under magnetic particle crack test and hardness test.


    Characteristics and advantages:

    • Install a new engine with low cost and high quality alternatives
    • Fully recycle the original engine parts, only replace the needed replaced parts
    • DCEC comprehensive warranty support
    • Automotive engine

    4B/6B/6C – 12months/50,000 miles (80,468km)

    N/L10/M11 cylinder block – 12months/100,000 miles (160,935)

    • Construction/Marine engine

    4B/6B/6C – 12months/1000hrs

    • DCEC RECON® long cylinder block is the high quality alternatives for the new engine, can effectively take use of the existing components.
    • Although disintegration and reassemble also produce cost, the equivalent value of used parts and long cylinder’s low prices can still save cost.
    • Direct and comprehensive warranty for long cylinder block.

    The instruction for short cylinder block remanufacturing:

    If you choose DCEC RECON® short cylinder block, which can further reduce the cost. If short running miles engine cylinder body is damaged without oil pollution, and cylinder head can reuse, then you can choose short cylinder block. It keep the same manufacturing quality, but contain fewer parts (see below).

    RECON® short cylinder block

    DCEC short cylinder block including:

    -Engine block                  -crankshaft   -New oil seal

    -New piston                    -New cylinder liner (C serial and bigger model)

    -New connecting rod and bearing   -New water pump

    New fastening equipment remanufacturing technology including:

    The most advanced computer control torque and Angle equipment


    Characteristics and advantages:

    l. To install a new engine of low cost and high quality alternatives

    2. Fully recycle the original engine parts, only replace the need to replace parts

    3. Included with the latest technical specifications of the parts

    4. Completely engine warranty


    • 4B/6B/6C – 6months/no miles limitation(miles/km)
    • N/L10/M11 – 12months/100,000 miles(160,935miles)

    Construction/Marine engine

    • 4B/6B/6C – 6months/no working time limitation(hrs)

    The benefits to choose engine long cylinder block is also reflected in short block. But the short cylinder block has shorter warranty period because of less for inspection and less parts needed to be replaced.

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