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    TEL: 86-755-82314520
    FAX: 86-755-82314530
    Email: info@emac.cc;

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    Automotive-Wells Luo
    Technical Service-Vin Hu
    Customer Service-Wendy
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    Sales Director-Jasper Lee
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    There are various easy and cost effective ways of contacting EMAC POWER LTD. Via email, phone, fax, MSN, Skype or leave a message.

    The best way is to use the “Leave a Message” service. This will give us your contact details too and allows you to ask questions on products and services.

    On the home page you will see the heading Online Services and the names of our sales representatives. You can click on the green symbol next to each person to contact via MSN or Skype.

    You are more than welcome to visit EMAC POWER LTD; we are located in the south of China in the beautiful and modern city of Shenzhen. We are very close to Hong Kong for international flights and Shenzhen and neighbouring Guangzhou both have international airports where we are only too happy to collect you and show you our manufacturing facilities.

    Throughout the year we will be attending various trade and industrial exhibitions, like the Canton Fair in Guangzhou  We will keep you updated on the news page, if you plan on attending any  Chinese trade fairs please feel free to contact us so we can have to opportunity to meet you face to face.

    We are also represented in other countries by our overseas agents, we have agents in Miami USA, Hanoi Vietnam and Singapore. They can provide local sales and service to you in your country.  We are always looking for reputable companies to support and expand our business.

    EMAC POWER LTD Head Office
    You are more than welcome to Contact us via MSN & Skype or Call our 7*24 hours hotline:
    TEL: 86-755-82314520
    FAX: 86-755-82314530
    Email: info@emac.cc;

    Overseas Branch Offices

    Office in Jakarta, Indonesia
    Contact Name: Stlantey Xu
    TEL: 0812-84615189
    Add:Jl. Gajah Mada No. 188 -Jakarta Barat 11120.

    Office in Maryland, USA
    Contact Name: Joe Taylor
    TEL: 707-666-EMAC(3622)
    Email: us@emac.cc
    Add:Log Canoe Cir. Stevensville, Md. 21617.

    Офис в Ваку, Азербайджан
    контакт: Симур Ван
    Тел.: 051-4890843
    Почта: ru@emac.cc
    Адрес:Ваку Ул. М.Кашкая 44.No-7 AZ1007.

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