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    Vision:       To develop the world with Chinese Power

    Purpose:   Enjoying work and life, caring for others and society

    Slogan:      A promise is a promise

    Spirit:        Be realistic, be innovative

    Originating from EMAC International Trade Co., EMAC International Group (Shenzhen Sinogen Power Technology Ltd) was established in 2010 and is located in Shenzhen, the Special Economic Zones of China. EMAC International Group concentrates on providing power driven system solutions as well as complete equipment for transportation, industrial, maritime and energy application fields.

    EMAC has been integrating industry leaders (Duramac, Sunyear, Advance, Hispeed and King Power) as long-term strategic partners and has gained a solid foundation and excellent reputation for its 4A2D products and solutions. EMAC now has three subsidiaries, three domestic joint ventures, two overseas joint ventures and five independently registered brand trademarks.

    EMAC began to implement medium-term strategic planning of 4A2D from 2017.

    4Aindicates four application areas:

    1. TA-Transportation. (Trucks / Explosion-proof vehicles, Special purpose vehicles, train equipment)

    2. IA-Industrial (Water pump sets, Fire pump sets, Air compressors)

    3. MA-Maritime (Yachts, Patrol, Fishing and sailing boats, marine propulsion system assembly power)

    4. EA-Energy (Diesel / Gas generator sets, Wind / solar renewable energy equipment)

    2D indicates Two Drive Systems:

    1. MD-Electric Motor driven systems (motors, frequency inverters)

    2. ED-Engine driven systems (engines, parts, power equipment renovation).

    To date, EMAC continues to provide professional, tailored and economic solutions to its customers and focuses on the commissioning, design, supply and installation of quality products as well as providing second to none pre and after-sales service. After years of development, EMAC has established business relationships with more than 5000 business partners across more than 160 countries and regions and participated in many international cooperation projects successfully, including locomotive renovation, renovation of special purpose equipment, business solutions, power system solutions and energy supply system solutions. With its professionalism, good service, high efficiency and large expansion, EMAC has won recognition and high praise from customers.

    “Be Realistic, be Innovative” is EMAC’s core concept. “A promise is a promise” is the fundamental principle of EMAC. EMAC will continue to work hard in the future, cultivate unceasingly in the field of 4A2D with a firm and indomitable attitude and cooperate with business partners to march into overseas markets for Chinese machinery and equipment in order to realize the full potential of Chinese machinery and equipment worldwide.

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