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With modular structure design, Deutz 226B series diesel engine has compact structure, small Volume, easily use and maintenance, Monomer type cylinder head structure, has good Generic And Interchangeable. Deutz TBD226B series diesel engine has 3 cylinders, 4-cylinders, 6-cylinders, the power is between 70-176KW, has great dynamic performance, over 30% torque reserve, meet all kinds of different requirements of different vehicles on the power and torque.
Reliable Quality
All the Deutz TBD226B engines are has the ability of running 10,000 hours before first overhaul.
Economical and Practical
Saving nearly 20% fuel consumption compares to other diesel engine with equivalent power grade.
Excellent Performance
Good low temperature starting, without any assistive devices, Deutz TBD226B series diesel engines can start at -15 ° C, and can start smooth at -40 ° C with device support facilities.
Advanced K-series turbocharger, expand the efficient work area of Deutz TBD226B series diesel engine, to compensate the power loss on highlands, ensuring 226B series engine can works as normal at an altitude of 3000m.
Low-noise and Environmentally Friendly
4-5 dB lower noise compared with the same type of diesel engine. The emission standard is better than the Euro II standard, close to the Euro III standard.

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