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Our engines for commercial vehicles produce a great deal and do not require very much. Small dimensions, compact shape. Clean, efficient, dependable and durable,engines are found in nearly every type of vehicle and equipment on earth — from emergency vehicles to 18-wheelers, berry pickers to 360-ton mining haul trucks.

200HP-300HP  Automotive Engine

EQB210-20(210HP) EQB235-20(235HP) C220-10(220HP) C230-20(230HP)
C240-10(240HP) C245-20(245HP) C260-20(260HP) C280-20(280HP)
L270 30(270HP) ISBe220-30(220HP) ISDe200-30(200HP) ISDe210-30(210HP)
ISDe230-30(230HP) ISDe245-30(245HP) ISDe270-30(270HP) ISDe285-30(285HP)


Deutz engines for on or off road vehicles combine small size and light weight together with great strength and durability.  An engine with Deutz heritage has a class leading power / weight ratio,outstanding torque performance, modest fuel consumption, low noise and exhaust emissions.

200HP-300HP Deutz Automotive Engine

TBD226B-6II(211HP) Bus TBD226B-6II(239HP) Bus TBD226B-6II(211HP) Truck TBD226B-6II(239HP) Truck
TBD226B-6IIC(239HP) Coach BF6M1013-22E3(220HP) BF6M1013-24E3(240HP) BF6M1013-26E3(260HP)
BF6M1013-28E3(280HP) BF6M1013-24E4(240HP) BF6M1013-26E4(260HP) BF6M1013-28E4(280HP)
BF6M1015C (291HP) BF6M2012-22E3(220HP) BF6M2012-20E4(200HP) BF6M2012-22E4(220HP)


Weichai Group is one of the strongest Chinese automobile and equipment manufacturing groups regarding comprehensive strength. It is the only enterprise that integrates whole vehicle, power train and auto parts three majors platforms together.  It will become a global leading, all series, all fields general power supplier.

200HP-300HP Weichai Automotive Engine

TBD226B-6ⅡB(210HP) TBD226B-6ⅡC(210HP) TBD226B-6ⅡD(210HP) TBD226B-6ⅡC(240HP)
WP6.210(210HP) WP6.240(240HP) WP10.240(240HP) WP10.270(270HP)
WP10.290(290HP) WP10.240N(240HP) WP10.270N(270HP) WP12.270N(270HP)
WP12.270(270HP) WP12.290(290HP)


Yuchai’s bus engines have been playing a leading role in the industry for eleven years. Its market share in the domestic passenger car market for buses of more than 6 meters is up to 60 %, making it the top bus brand in China. And Yuchai was the first to lunch Euro 4 engines into market in 1991.

200HP-300HP Yuchai Automotive Engine

YC4EG200-40(200HP) YC4G200-30(200HP) YC4G220-30(220HP) YC4G200-40(200HP)
YC4G220-40(220HP) YC6A240(240HP) YC6A260(260HP) YC6A270-40(270HP)
YC6A280-30(280HP) YC6G255-20(255HP) YC6G285-20(285HP) YC6G240-30(240HP)
YC6G270-30(270HP) YC6G240-40(240HP) YC6G270-40(270HP) YC6J220-30(220HP)
YC6J230-30(230HP) YC6J245-30(245HP) YC6J270-30(270HP) YC6J200-42(200HP)
YC6J210-42(210HP) YC6J220-42(220HP) YC6J245-42(245HP) YC6J200-50(200HP)
YC6J220-50(220HP) YC6J230-50(230HP) YC6J245-50(245HP) YC6L240(240HP)
YC6L260(260HP) YC6L280(280HP) YC6L270-42(270HP) YC6L290-42(290HP)
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