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  • The Technology Features Introduction of Deutz Engine

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    1. The cylinder body uses German standard of high strength and gray cast iron material, and the overall noise reduction damping design, and similar products compare noise reduction 3 dB, cylinder body when the design mature to repair and maintenance is convenient 2. The cylinder cover with the German standard of high strength and gray cast iron materials, advanced scrap steel increased carbon technology, USES the whole water jacket, reducing equipment volume, the cylinder cover decorate preheating plug, greatly improving the overall cold start. 3. Gear is decorated in the engine behind, effectively reduce the mechanical noise, with high precision drum gear, gear surface deep nitriding, effectively improve the service life of gear. 4. The injection pressure of the highest monomer pump technology and placed on inlet structure, meet the precondition of emissions than similar products provinces 6 g/kw. H, also is that every 100 kw hours to save 0.7 liters. At the same time the fuel pump injection system monomer low quality request, adapted to the Chinese oil at the same time guarantee the machine reliability. 5. Monomer pump layout in the cylinder and a camshaft driven directly, effectively reduce vibration and noise; Very short high-pressure tube and 6 cylinder general, to avoid the tubing fault and easy maintenance. 6. The structure is simple easy maintenance, all of the thrusters are in engine with side, 2012 series adopt cylinder liner, no valve without catheter structure. 7. Take force in mouth, the convenience of our customers and install multiple auxiliary devices. 8. Modular structure can make the same type of engine meet the requirements of different equipment. 9. Compared with the similar diesel engine, smoke more small, emissions limits Ⅱ countries and countries with Ⅲ standards. 10. Deutz BF6M1013 than similar products rise more power, the strengthening of the cylinder and the cylinder head higher degree, compact structure, smaller, lighter weight, and long service life. 11. Unique placed on the shortest and domestic inlet high-pressure tube, effectively improve the engine intake and fuel properties, further reduce oil consumption. 12. Energy conservation and environmental protection, cruise has obvious effect, 6 cylinder 1013 minimum fuel consumption rate is only 192 g/KWH. 13. DEUTZ company unique characteristics at low speed optimization technology, 900-1100 RPM torque up to eight L engine level, rose to 600 Nm, effectively improve the performance of the whole vehicle, low starting performance better, climbing ability stronger. 14. One hundred and forty years of production history, global cold appear engine design technology, perfect exquisite manufacture technology make DEUTZ engine to provide you with strong, environmental protection power. 15. All over the world service network for use DEUTZ products provide the whole pillow service guarantee.

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