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    On September 24th afternoon, DCEC engine donation ceremony was hold in the automotive engineering school conference room of Wuhan Science and Technology University. DCEC secretary of the party committee, deputy general manager, Huang Naixu, director of human resources, Zhang yaozi, director of marketing services company, He yonghui; the standing deputy director, Xu huazhong;, the deputy director of social development, Li wentao; as well as other leaders, teachers and students represents from Wuhan Science and Technology University in total more than 100 people attended. And the donation ceremony was hold by Yan fuwu, the vice dean of the automotive engineering institute.

    Xu zhonghua said DCEC engine Co. Ltd has build deep friendship with Wuhan Science and Technology University long ago. In the early 90s, enterprises and school carried out the teaching research in the field of the engine; also the projects won the Hubei province science and technology progress prize, deep and close connection until so far. With the transformation of school education direction, DCEC donate five engines to Wuhan Science and Technology University to promote better development of practical talents training and in-depth study of engine frontier technology, at the same time to reduce the practice differentiation process between enterprise and school with great significance. At the same time, Xu zhonghua give heartfelt thanks to DCEC Company for the long-term support and care, and look forward to establish a more extensive and in-depth contacts, encourage students at present to work hard and return enterprise with excellent performance.

    Mr. Huang naixu gave his sincere thankful for the cooperation between Wuhan Science and Technology University and DCEC Company with brilliant interns support, well the good operating performance and market reputation of DCEC has deep connection with the talents convey and its intelligence support. First come, first served, DCEC existing management cadre and technical backbone are nearly 20% from Wuhan Science and Technology University, such as Liu zhili, graduated from Wuhan Science and Technology University in 1995, has now become the company deputy general manager, leading the research and development and quality management team of more than 300 people. In represent of Liu zhili, those from Wuhan Science and Technology University have rapid growth and gradually become an important support for the sustainable development of DCEC. DCEC donated five engines to Wuhan Science and Technology University (Euro IV emissions and electrical control), which is in order to strengthen the cooperation with top universities, enrich the teaching equipment, help the students have a better understanding of cutting-edge engine technology more intuitively and master the core technology to reach the green power achievement, promote the environmental protection in China with steady progress, DCEC also look forward to more talent students join with hand in hand and side by side, being as the backbone of the company business development.

    Devote compression, harvest hope. DCEC give deep concern and support to higher education, and will donate each series products to school in succession, which is in order to abundant better school education resource base, promote the university’s education and research to practice, to promote the use. So far,DCEC has donated 15 engines to Wuhan Science and Technology University, Tinghua University, Chongqing University and Chang an University. This meant not only embodies the alumni give gratitude and thankful for Alma mater’s cultivation, but also more reflect engine idea “a better life by unleashing the power of DCEC”, with the real performance of the return on the community, to promote the development of regional economic, and environmental corporate social responsibility.

    Finally, the students represent attending the donation ceremony had warm interaction with corporate leadership, director of DCEC human resources, Zhang yaozi, the service director of marketing company, He yonghui, gave detailed explanation to the students’ questions one by one and wish all the students have learned something, to enterprise, talent, create brilliant.

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