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  • Caterpillar C9 Acert Truck Engines

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    Caterpillar C9 Acert Truck Engines:

    These Engines were made in 2012 but never used because American Army was not happy with the truck specification & they cancelled the contract with the truck factory.

    There are about 600 engines available

    There are 18 engines in a 40 feet container .

    Price negotiable for container load.

    Transmissions, Axles & Transfer gearboxes also available

     18 engines PER CONTAINER WEIGHT 2100 LB (1000 kg) PER ENGINE

    NEW Cat C-9 Acert Engines, NEW Cat CX-28 Automatic Transmissions

    • Engines are pre-EGR for export and single turbo.
    • Sample serial number: LFE02806, AR NO. 357-1095
    • These engines were built in December of 2012 and put in service March 2014. They were never used.
    • These engines normally have 320hp but have all been tuned up by Cat when built and possess 450hp and have Pacbrakes on them.
    • They come complete with all wiring harness, electric foot throttle, radiator, and complete air intake. The only thing to change would be the 24-volt generator to be replaced with an alternator.
    • These would be great for export, tandem dumps, gensets, and marine applications.
    • All will be put on shipping pallets and loaded in container.
    • We do have NEW front axles and NEW transfer cases for these units, as we

    Caterpillar C9 Acert Truck EnginesCaterpillar C9 Acert Truck Engines-4Caterpillar C9 Acert Truck Engines-2


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