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    Cummins reviving anti-counterfeiting climax in Hubei Shiyan

    Cummins, as leading engine industry in the world, has long been encroached on the fake Cummins accessories. Counterfeit parts marked with “Cummins” Logo, and sell to customer by the non-authorized dealer. This kind of circumstance severely disrupted the market order, which affects the Cummins and its joint ventures in domestic and overseas market, and damage the consumers’ legitimate rights and interests as well.

    Recently, Chinese Cummins anti-counterfeiting committee work with the local related law enforcement, powerful combination attack, in severe fake and shoddy parts areas – Bailang auto parts city raising rights protection wave. The market clean-up operation is to dismantle the stores who use Cummins trademark/name for store signs illegally, combined with inside store inspection to the production and sales of the infringing counterfeit products. The confidence and determination from Cummins to crack down on the infringement of production and fake parts sales, which passed to Bailang auto parts city with a combination of all-round, multi-level way.

    Shiyan city adjacent to the Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi, Chongqing, is the only regional central city, located in the three major economic sectors of central China, southwest, northwest, which linking the east to the west, the south to the north, as the region’s largest manufacturing base and transportation hub. Shiyan as China’s first, the world’s top three main manufacturing base of Dongfeng commercial vehicle co., LTD. “Motor city”, this world-class business card has been shining all over the world, its superior geographical advantages brings rapid growth for Shiyan auto parts industry, meanwhile, which also provide a breeding ground for a hotbed of counterfeit parts. For years, the fake parts’ production and sales from illegal operators infringing counterfeit parts has become an open secret for Hubei Shiyan Bailang auto parts city; which formed one-stop industrial chain of fake products, false packaging, false label production, supply, sell. And as a counterfeit parts distribution center, which sold to several key provinces and cities nationwide, seriously endanger the consumers’ safety and vital interests, including Cummins and many auto parts brand.

    In this counterfeit parts clean up, Cummins require the infringement merchants remove store brand signs and the brand words of “Cummins”, “HOLSET “, “Fleetguard” from denote, windows, light boxes. Premenstrual investigation, there were 99 infringement merchants need to clear up. At present, most of the infringement stores’ signboard has been successfully removed. At the end of July, 99 infringement shop’s signboard has been all dismantled.

    Meanwhile, the relevant law enforcement departments in Hubei province inspected 14 suspected shops for infringement of production/sales of fake Cummins engine accessories, seized nearly 38000 fake Cummins spare parts, value of 4 million RMB, as well as the fake Dongfeng Cummins product packaging, QR code labels and product certificate. At present, the relevant law enforcement departments in Hubei are verifying and handling these cases. The infringement 14 shops will be faced with different levels of administrative or criminal penalty, and assumed the administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the law., This Bailang auto parts city clean up activity in Hubei Shiyan has powerful influence, which cause high attention by Shiyan government, industrial and commercial bureau, supervision bureau, Dongfeng commercial vehicle brand protection departments, and come into being “butterfly effect” in auto parts area.

    Cummins powerful inspection activism restraint the momentum of infringing counterfeit parts in Shiyan auto parts market effectively, to a great extent stimulated genuine Cummins parts sales: Dongfeng Cummins, genuine spare parts sales increased 17% year-on-year in the first quarter, which give priority to cylinder block, cylinder head, six parts as representative of genuine spare parts sales revenue increased 11%. Believe that with the development of such market clearing activities, will be more effectively protect Cummins and joint venture brand image, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the end user and interests, and maintain a good market order.

    For the end user, in order to protect your interests, Cummins strongly suggest you to buy genuine parts products from Cummins authorized dealer. When you buy parts in other place, please scraping the anti-counterfeit labels, call to query parts true or false, and the inquiry telephone number is 400-710-2365. Genuine brand new Cummins parts, reasonable price, and excellent quality, to provide solid guarantee for your devices.

    About the Cummins anti-counterfeiting committee

    Cummins China crack down on counterfeit committee is Cummins inter-departmental brand protection professional institutions, which is committed to cracking down on counterfeit intellectual property infringement and protecting Cummins intellectual property. The committee is initiated and set up by the vice President Steve Chapman of Cummins Company for China and Russia affair group and the vice President Norbert of Cummins Company for global parts affair group. At present, the commission has covered various companies in China and functional departments of Cummins. 

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